We love our pets, but sometimes, they can be messy. Hair, leftover food, litter, mud, and foul-smelling odors are bound to make an appearance in your home at some point or another, but there are ways to reduce or even eliminate them. Here are some cleaning tips for pet owners looking for easy and efficient ways to tidy up their living space.

Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners: Hair Removal

When you have a pet, you can pretty much find hair anywhere in your home. Luckily, there are ways to keep off your clothes and furniture. Using a lint roller is a great way to pick up hair and other debris your pet may have left behind. If you don’t have one of those on hand, there are other options. Try using duct tape, rubber gloves, or even baby wipes. When bathing your pet, use a hair catcher, so their fur doesn’t clog up your drain. If you’re worried about brushing your pet after removing hair in your home, consider using a vacuum on them if they’re comfortable with it. These cleaning tips for pet owners will keep the loose pet hair to a minimum.

Odor-Removing Cleaners

Use special cleaning solutions to clean up after your pet, but make sure they are pet-safe first. Enzyme products are effective cleaners to use because the bacteria eliminate the cause of the foul odor. Baking soda is another safe option for neutralizing the odor caused by your pet. Just sprinkle some over the affected area and then vacuum it away half an hour later. If you have a cat, use cat litter that specifically targets odor. Your local pet store has a variety of safe cleaning products to choose from.

Using Mats 

One simple yet effective cleaning tip for pet owners is using mats. Instead of getting a mess all over the floor, a rug will catch most of it and make it easier to clean up. Put one under their food and water dishes to catch any spills that they make. If you have a pet that frequently goes outside like a dog, a mat near the door will prevent them from tracking mud inside. For cats, a rug in front of the litter box will save you from having to sweep the floor as often. 

Other Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Make sure that you’re cleaning your pet just as much as your house. Schedule regular grooming and baths. Clean toys, collars, litter boxes, and other pet supplies to prevent messes in the future.

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