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Excellent service, I'm very happy with the report and also how he was guiding me about where should I look and how should I perform my blue tape inspection.
I had an AMAZING experience! Todd was VERY thorough and detailed. He provided me with explanations for everything and we walked through the house. I learned so much and am more comfortable with this decision because of him and expertise! I recommend using Homesmith home Inspections on your next purchase! You won’t regret it!
So fortunate to have found Todd as my trusted home inspector! The first property he helped me with was a true testament to his ethics. He saved me from a very unsafe house that appeared beautiful but would have been a money pit. I knew I could rely on him to help me in my ongoing search and he just provided me with an excellent report that not only impressed me but every professional I had review it from plumbing to financial advisor. The incredible detail and pictures provided allowed me to receive input from others as if they were walking through the house themselves. He is truly in this for the buyers best interest and if he doesn't inspect a certain area such a the pool or termites, he referred to trusted others. I appreciate having him on my home buying team and highly recommend!
Todd is stellar. He is knowledgeable, thorough, professional and took the time to explain home inspection and issues to me in terms that I could understand. His inspection report was exceptional. He deserves 10 stars.
Great service, thank you!
Todd was very professional and informative. He took his time to be extremely thorough while inspecting my house, and was happy to teach me in the process. He is extremely knowledgable in his field. He was so kind and friendly as well. I would absolutely call Todd again.
Just bought my first house and I had Todd inspect. He was very responsive, professional, informative, and thorough. He caught a lot of issues that I probably would've missed. Glad I used him. I would trust him to do my next house and would recommend to my family and friends.
It was an amazing experience getting our house inspection done from Todd. He walked us through out the house explaining the minutest bit. Extremely knowledgeable and accurate. Easy to understand report and everything was done in a timely manner.
I highly recommend Todd for your next home inspection. He’s punctual, very professional & he explains everything in layman’s terms, making it easy to understand issues or non issues with the house.
Everything about Todd is satisfactory - Good price, good customer service, on-time delivery and his reports are well detailed. He made the builder changed my entrance floor and 4 of my driveway slab, something i or someone else would have ignored. This is my second time of using him and the experience was great.
Honest and thorough. Will answer all of your questions and has the best price for home inspections. Very respectful and knowledgeable. Did my home inspection on a new build.
I needed a home inspection to determine what needed to be fixed under the 1-year home warranty.From the beginning, I was VERY impressed with the service that Todd provided. He listened to what I was looking for as well as things that I had noticed about the house. He quickly turned around the inspection report which I was able to share with my builder and fix the items discovered and documented.I would highly recommend Todd and Homesmith Home Inspections. Good value, good service and even more importantly a good person!
My wife and I recently purchased a new home in the Pearland area. My father is a realtor and regularly uses Todd to perform his client's inspections and recommended his services to me. I am very pleased with the level of service Todd provided and highly recommend him for anyone in need of a seasoned, experienced inspector.
Todd is very kind, knowledgeable and very helpful. I was referred to him by my brother and my mother. He did a great job and responded very quickly. I will be working with him in the future and sending him referrals as well.
I was impressed with the quality of his work. The care he took inspecting the property made me know he had missed nothing.
I can’t say anything but good things about Homesmith Home Inspection and Todd’s work. I used Homesmith in 2019 to inspect a home I was purchasing and it was nothing but wonderful. So of course, 3 years later August 2022, I called on Homesmith again to inspect another new home I was purchasing. His reports are extremely thorough and will get you everything you need to know about the home. Todd makes sure to go the extra mile when inspecting and leaves no stone unturned (literally). He’s very prompt when getting to the home for inspection and even more prompt on getting you the report back in a timely fashion. 100% recommend Homesmith to anyone looking for a good thorough home inspection.
He knows the job very well. Also good communication and timely inspection report/result.
Todd was very knowledgeable. He answered questions through out the whole inspection and made us feel comfortable. He was amazing!
I had a great experience with Todd. He was willing to help explain specifics of my new house and how to maintain specific equipment within the home. I can tell he cares about his clients. Todd was also very thorough with his inspection and shared a very clear and concise inspection report. I would definitely recommend using Todd for a home inspection.
Todd was my realtor’s referral but having worked with him, I would consider him my referral. Anybody who wants to get their home inspected, should definitely consider Todd- his professionalism, finding every possible details, inspecting them, making notes and taking pictures and compiling the inspection report is done in a eight way. I have been lucky to have used Todd’s services. The report is fairly simple to read and understand. All I can say is, using todd for your home inspection, you cant go wrong. His prices are competitive, very detailed and organized work. You get the value of every dime you spend. Really helps in your decision making.Thanks Todd once again… for inspecting my home. Looking forward to working with you in the future or referring to anyone who wants a detailed inspection for their homes. Wishing you all the best!!
Mr. Todd was very professional and very fast responsive , when i called him to ask for asap inspection for the home im getting he had next day available to make it work for my 3 day option i had to get it done , it was only couple of hours and he sent me the full report , i totally recommend him . Honest and punctual.
Great work! Todd was very thorough with the inspection. Todd is experienced and knowledgeable. I have used Todd twice now and I highly recommend his services to anyone needing a home inspection.
I would 100% recommend him to anyone. He's very detailed and cares about his clients. He loves to educate people about their house. I'm really glad that we found him for our new home inspection.
Wonderful experience with Todd. He is super responsive, very professional and friendly. He is on time and provides the report in a very timely manner as promised. His work is thorough and gives an honest feedback and is a great guide. I’ll never use another home inspector again. Todd’s just great to work with.
I had Todd inspected a house for me few days ago. I enjoyed working with him and noticed how details oriented is this great man. Very friendly and very professional. Generated the report in timely manner. Easy to read and understand what is fine and what is not. Definitely recommand him for the home inspection. I will always call for every house I am looking to buy and ask my friends and family call him too. Thank you for keeping up with the great work. Not easy to find people's like him specially in this environment where people just want to get in a out to make more money. Todd, just stay at you are to make more home buyers happy.
Todd was on point on time. He did an excellent job to identify everything related to our new construction purchase. Highly recommended!
Todd is very professional, he gets the job well done every time. Highly recommended.
He was very detailed and fast. Super nice I would recommend to everyone I know
Todd was right on time and very professional. Really took the time to inspect my new home as well as explain many features to me. Report was completed by 9:00am the next day when I was scheduled to meet with builder.
Todd did a great job on inspecting the house we are going to buy. He’s trustworthy, professional and kind.The seller pressured us to finish the inspection in a short time. Todd made himself available the day after we signed the contract and delivered a very detailed and clear report a few hours after the inspection.We live outside of the state, and can’t be there for the inspection. He’s very responsive to our messages and calls before and after the job. He pointed things we need to take care of to our agent in the house, and talked through the list via calls and emails with us, and gave advices on how to fix stuff.Highly recommend!
Todd was great! He gave a very detailed inspection report and communicated with me as needed. I will definitely recommend him to my family and friends! If you’re looking for an inspector he is the guy to call! Thank you Todd!
I can't say enough great things about Todd. He was professional, thorough and answered all of my questions. I am a first time home buyer and the home buying process was getting a bit overwhelming. Todd took time to walk me through the property and explain everything to me in detail. It made me feel much more comfortable with my purchase. With Todd's help, I feel empowered to make the best decision for my family. Todd was such a nice guy. If you need a home inspection go with Homesmith Home Inspections. I would definitely work with Todd again.
I definitely appreciate the services at the location I wish to be mine soon, not only I felt the professionalism but the amazing manner of communicating and responding to curiosities I had, thank you mr.Todd
Great experience and great service. The report is very detailed.
He is a amazing guy to work with it. He explained everything detailed. Recommend him for your next Home Inspection.
The service:Excellent and very detailed. Did not miss a single item and provided a very extensive report at the end.I appreciate how he talked me through the process and carried me along, while focusing and all the little details I would have missed if not for him.The price:Nothing, compared to the result. I’d recommend Homesmith Home Inspections everyday.Thanks
We searched google and other sites to find a home inspector in the Katy area, this particular one had great reviews and a much better price than the others, we decided to select them and we were glad we did. The business is run by a man named Todd Dunn, he's an InterNACHI certified professional inspector. Todd was very friendly, he introduced himself and explained exactly what he was looking for. As he went about his business I was there asking questions about this and that, he was very knowledgeable of the process and thoroughly answered all of my questions. I couldn't have felt more comfortable in such a stressful situation. I highly recommend calling him up for your next home inspection, or even recommend him to someone else in need.
As a first time homebuyer my uncle recommended Todd to do my home inspection even after others said not to do one for a new home, and I have to say he’s professional, courteous and very knowledgeable in what he does. He caught every issue on the home and put them in a detailed organized report for the project manager. I couldn’t be any more happy with the results and more confident in my decision to purchase the home after his inspection. I would definitely 100% recommend Todd to all my family and friends for home inspections!
Muy buen trabajo realizó el señor con mucha precaución y detalladamente muchas gracias por su trabajo lo recomiendo para todos los que quieran comprar casas estoy muy contento
Todd was great! His attention to detail and quick turn around time was greatly appreciated. He did a very thorough inspection and he is very knowledgeable. Overall, GREAT EXperience!
I live in Arizona and purchasing a home in the Houston area. Contacted Todd Duff to do my inspection and have to trust that he will do as asked, well he did an exceptional job and I would recommend his company to anyone that wants a job done right. Thank You Todd.
Todd did an exceptional inspection of my new home. He is very thorough and explained everything about my home. Todd is very personable and I highly recommend him for your home inspection. Homesmith Home Inspection is the way to go!
Great inspector, easy to work with. He’s been doing this a while and knows what he’s doing!
I would highly recommend Todd, for your home inspection. I had a few in mind but after our first conversation I knew he was the man for the job. He did an excellent job, very detailed and thorough, even when I had questions he took the time to explain them to me. Buying a home is stressful enough, Todd took alot of that stress away!!
Incredibly professional and quickly responds to any questions, concerns, or issues. I highly recommend Homesmith Home Inspection as a contract specialist for your home-buying needs.
Todd was super awesome and very informative! I learned so much about the house and safety features and even the neighborhood itself. I highly recommend Todd to clients who are looking for an honest, thorough and friendly inspector for their future home!
Todd was great. He was prompt and very professional. He was also very detailed and did a great job explaining about all of the details of our new home. Thanks Todd!!
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Home Inspection Certifications