Your home is probably the biggest investment you’ll make in your life. Keep your family, belongings, and property safe when you improve fire safety in the home. Here are some helpful tips to protect your house and family from the danger of fire.

Smoke Detectors are Important for Fire Safety in the Home

Smoke detectors can save property and lives. They give your family an early warning in case a fire breaks out. Detectors should be present in every bedroom and on each level of the house. Test the devices monthly and replace the batteries in spring and fall, when the time changes.

Create an Escape Plan

Teach children what the smoke alarm sounds like and instruct them on how to exit the building. With your family’s help, create an escape plan. Find two exits from each room. Explain that hot doorknobs shouldn’t be opened, and show kids to crawl below the smoke to escape the house.

Learn to Use a Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher will stop small fires that break out in the home. Keep an extinguisher on every floor of the house, in an easy-to-access area. Become familiar with how to use the device and teach older children.

Promote Fire Safety in the Home With a Clean Chimney

Chimney fires are a common cause of destruction to property. Burning wood produces creosote. This sticky substance accumulates on the inside of the chimney and can ignite. Hire a professional to clean the chimney in late summer so the fireplace is safe to use when it gets cold.

Care for Electrical Appliances

Pay attention for frayed or damaged electrical cords. If an appliance has a damaged cord, it’s time to repair or replace that item. Clean your oven and stovetop after each use. The build-up of fats, grease, and other food particles can ignite, starting a fire in the home. The clothes dryer is another appliance that can cause a fire. Keep the lint trap clean and regularly vacuum the vent to remove dust, lint, and other debris.

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