Even though they are tiny, ants can be a major problem when they infest your home. Ants get into food, contaminate surfaces, and end up throughout your house. If you notice ants in your living spaces, take action as soon as possible. Here are a few tips to get rid of ants.

Set Up Baits

Baits generally come in individual packages. Open the ant bait and place it in a hard-to-access area, like the back of a cupboard, beneath the fridge, or under the sink. Ants are attracted to the bait. They eat it and carry some of it back to the nest. Hours after eating the bait, the ants die. Be patient after you put down the baits. It can take several weeks to eliminate a whole colony of ants.

To Get Rid of Ants, Keep a Clean Kitchen

Ants won’t stay in a place with no food source. So, to get rid of ants, you must keep a clean home. Regularly remove the food from your pantry and clean the shelving. Wipe up crumbs and spills immediately. Transfer food to sealed, air-tight glass or plastic containers so ants won’t smell it.

If you have pets, sweep up stray pieces of food after they’ve eaten. Feed your cat or dog meals at a set time every day instead of always leaving food in the bowl. If ants have constant access to a food source, you’ll have a more difficult time eliminating them.

Eliminate Sources of Moisture to Get Rid of Ants

Some ants are especially attracted to moisture, but all ants need water to survive. If your basement is damp, install a dehumidifier or place silicone desiccant packets to absorb humidity from the air. Fix leaky faucets, and hire a plumber to repair leaking pipes. Develop a habit of running the bathroom ventilation fan for 10-15 minutes after taking a shower.

Seal the Home

If there are cracks or crevices around your doors or windows, seal these with caulk or spray foam insulation. Apply spray foam around pipes and other utility openings in your walls. Ants are tiny, so you’ll need to fill even the smallest gaps and cracks.

Following all the steps above will help you eliminate ants from your home. Ant bait will poison the colony, and taking other steps will prevent ants from finding their way into your home.

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