12 Ideas to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home

Curb appeal is helpful when you’re selling a home because it attracts prospective buyers to your property. It’s also great for simply updating your home’s appearance. Consider the following ideas to boost property value, make your home more attractive, and improve curb appeal.

1. Install New Hardware

New hardware is simple to install. Take a look at the exterior of your home and decide what areas need an update. Install a new front doorknob, wall mount mailbox, and light fixtures to improve your home’s look.

2. Install Window Boxes

Make your home colorful and charming by adding window boxes. Window boxes are available in a variety of materials. Choose plastic, vinyl, or fiberglass. Copper window boxes create a traditional look, while wooden ones offer a cottage style.

3. Update the Front Door

Update the front door with fresh paint or install a new insulated steel door to improve the look and security of your entryway. If painting the door, choose a color that complements the style and color scheme of your home.

4. Add Seating to the Front Porch

Including a small table and chairs or a couple of rocking chairs helps the front porch feel more inviting. Comfortable furniture encourages visitors to sit down and spend time enjoying the outdoor space.

5. Light Up the Exterior

Add lighting to the deck, porch, or patio. Solar-powered stake lights are inexpensive and easy to install. Use them to mark a pathway or illuminate potted plants. String lights create a festive atmosphere on the deck or under a pergola. Use low-voltage landscape lighting to brighten the yard at night.

6. Plant a Garden to Improve Curb Appeal

Container gardens are an easy way to make your home more welcoming and attractive without damaging the lawn. Choose easy to care for plants that will do well in your local climate.

7. Give an Old Mailbox New Life

Update the mailbox with a coat of spray paint and new house numbers or purchase and install a new one. Add flowers in a garden bed around the mailbox post. Especially if your mailbox is near the road, it’s one of the first things a potential buyer will notice.

8. Improve Curb Appeal by Reviving the Garden Beds

Get your garden beds back into shape. Clean the area by removing weeds, pruning overgrown plants, adding new flowers, and finishing the beds with a fresh layer of mulch. Tidy garden beds make the entire property look well cared for.

9. Add Exterior Shutters

Shutters are an attractive and functional addition to a home’s exterior. Choose shutters in a contrasting color to improve curb appeal and boost security. Shutters have the added benefit of helping block the sun’s rays from the home’s interior. In the summer, they can be closed to keep the living spaces cooler.

10. Update Railings to Improve Curb Appeal

If your porch railings are aging or faded, replace them to improve the aesthetic appeal and safety of the porch. Metal balusters are sturdy and look more modern while wooden components are more traditional. You can also choose to replace the balusters with rope, metal wire, or steel cables.

11. Give Siding, Trim, and Paint a Refresh

Make your house look new by painting or replacing the siding. If repainting isn’t in your budget, rent a pressure washer to clean the siding. The house will look new and appeal to potential buyers or visitors to your home.

12. Improve the Driveway

While you have the pressure-washing machine, take the time to clean your driveway. If the pavement is cracked or badly stained, improve it by repairing cracks and gaps and re-staining the concrete. You can add brick or pavers along the sides to create an ornamental border.

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