Springtime is finally here, and it’s time for your annual outdoor spring cleaning and maintenance. Preparing your home for the warm weather can help ensure you’re enjoying all the sunshine without any extra stress. From giving your siding a good power wash to clearing out gutters, we have all the tips for tackling these essential yearly tasks.

1. Power Wash Your Siding

Give your home a good once-over with a power washer for maximum dirt and grime removal. You can rent or buy an electric or gas-powered washer. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safe use and to prevent damage. Cleaning from top to bottom will help prevent streaks. Once finished, go over the siding with a garden hose to rinse away any residue.

2. Clean Your Windows

Your windows are one of the first places dirt can settle, so give them some TLC this spring. Start by removing window screens and rinsing them with the garden hose. Then, use a ladder to clean both sides of the glass with a store-bought window cleaner or a mixture of white vinegar and water. Dry the windows with paper towels or lint-free cloths for streak-free results.

3. Check Your Deck During Outdoor Spring Cleaning and Maintenance

Take some time to walk around your deck and make sure it’s structurally sound. Look out for rot, splintering, and other signs of wear and tear. If necessary, sand down any rough edges or treat the wood with a sealant if you spot any damage. Re-stain your deck as needed to help keep it in top condition.

4. Clear Out Your Gutters

Gutters can become clogged with debris over the winter months, so give them a good cleaning to help keep water flowing away from your home properly. Use a trowel to clear them out while standing on a ladder. Then use a hose to blast out any built-up leaves, twigs, and dirt. Ensure water flows out the end of the downspouts and away from the foundation.

5. Trim Your Trees During Outdoor Spring Cleaning and Maintenance

Trimming branches from trees near your home can help keep away bugs and pests that could damage your property. It can also help improve air circulation, reduce falling branches, and clear away dead foliage. When trimming trees, use a ladder or extension pole and wear protective eyewear and gloves.

6. Check Your Sprinklers

Your sprinkler system should function correctly to keep your lawn and garden hydrated during summer. Test out all sprinkler heads, checking for leaks or clogs in the system. You may need to adjust the water pressure or replace some parts if damaged or worn down.

Completing these spring cleaning and maintenance tasks will help your home look and feel its best all year round. Have fun and enjoy your annual outdoor spring cleaning.

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