Many homeowners get gratification from doing home improvement projects themselves. Even for the most experienced DIYer, there are some tasks and upgrades that are worth hiring a skilled professional for. Here are 5 examples of home improvements to leave to professionals.

Hire an Electrician for Electrical Repairs or Upgrades

Any home improvement that requires dealing with electricity has the potential to be dangerous. You could be shocked or electrocuted while working with electrical wires if you don’t take the proper precautions. The danger may not be apparent right away, but mistakes with electrical work can cause problems in your home potentially leading to a fire. For peace of mind and safety, always hire a certified electrician to complete electrical repairs and upgrades.

Professional Home Inspections

When purchasing a house, a home inspection is a standard part of the process. You may be tempted to rely on your own observations while touring the home instead of hiring a professional home inspector. No matter how knowledgeable you may be, there is no substitution for a thorough and complete home inspection, provided by a licensed professional. A professional home inspection report also provides you with documentation that you can use to request renegotiations with the seller.

Exterior Home Improvements to Leave to Professionals

Working on your home’s exterior is often a strenuous and dangerous job. Whether it is fixing the roof, painting the siding, pressure washing, or cleaning the gutters, hire a professional if you don’t think that you can handle it on your own. Homes that are several stories high or have steep roofs especially require a professional with the proper safety gear.

Servicing Your HVAC

Your HVAC system is one of the most expensive components of your home, so spending a little bit of money twice a year to maintain it is worth it. You’ll prevent breakdowns and expand its lifespan by hiring a professional twice a year to service the system.

Chimney Cleaning Home Improvements to Leave to Professionals

A clean fireplace and chimney at the beginning of the fall are necessary to have fires safely. Cleaning a chimney requires getting on the roof and using specialized tools and techniques. Hire a certified chimney cleaning company for this task. The professional will inspect the chimney and fireplace for damage and clean all parts of the system.

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