If you’ve decided to relocate to another part of the country, you’ll probably have a list of tasks to accomplish. Moving is always hectic, but carrying your family and belongings to another state is quite the undertaking. Here are a few tips on how to get organized when moving cross-country.

Prepare Your Home to Move

To save on labor and moving costs, only take furniture and items that you really want or need. Sort through your belongings to decide what you want to donate and what you will definitely bring with you.

Organize a garage sale to sell items that are still in good condition. You’ll make a little extra money to put toward the moving budget. You’ll be glad you downsized when it’s time to start packing.

Decide How You’ll Be Moving Cross-Country

Before you start packing, decide how you’re going to move to your new home. You have a few options.

Hire Movers

Due to the considerable distance, hiring movers for a cross-country move will be the most expensive option. However, it comes with the least effort on your part, as the movers will be doing most of the heavy lifting and driving. You’ll only have to get your family to the new house.

Moving Yourself

Moving yourself, while probably the cheapest option, will involve physical labor. You’ll have to manage all the packing, rent a moving truck, load it, and drive it to your new home. You’ll also be responsible for planning the best route and paying for gas.

Portable Storage Containers

If you feel confident handling the packing and loading/unloading, rent a portable storage container instead of a moving truck. Rent the container and pack your belongings inside. The storage company will pick it up and drop it off at your new home. Once you’ve unloaded it, the company comes back to collect the container. Hire people to help with the loading/unloading if that work feels too overwhelming.

Move During an “Off” Season

If you’re making a cross-country move on a budget, consider moving during the off-season, typically between October and April. Moving-related expenses, such as professional movers and truck rentals, are more expensive during peak moving season (the warmer months). Get a quote on a weekday cross-country move rather than a weekend one, as these tend to be less expensive.

Relocating to a new area will never be entirely stress-free, but if you start your preparations early, stay organized, and consider your options, you can make the best of a cross-country move.

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