When moving from one house to another, you have a long to-do list. Your life has probably been consumed by this move for months. A few weeks before moving day, let some key places know that you are changing your address. Here are 8 places to notify when you move.

Notify the Post Office When You Move

The most important institution to change your address with is the post office. Once you set up a forwarding address with the post office, all your mail will be redirected from the old address to the new. This means if you forget to update your address with a magazine subscription or friend, you will still end up getting the mail. The delivery time may be slower, but it will eventually end up at your new house.

Financial Institutions

Banks, credit card companies, and lenders need a current address to make sure they can get bills and statements to you. It’s also important that the billing addresses on your credit cards are accurate. Make a list of all the financial institutions that you do business with and let them know your new address.


Provide your employer with your current address. Even though the post office should forward any mail you receive from work, it’s still a good idea to give your employer your new address.


Make a list of all the subscriptions you have. These might include meal kit subscriptions, magazines, and even video streaming services. Even if the subscription is not something delivered by mail, it’s still important to provide a correct address.

Insurance Company

It’s obvious that you need to tell your homeowners insurance company your new address to obtain homeowners insurance on your new home, but also update your address with your other insurance providers. This includes health insurance, life insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, and auto insurance.

Notify the IRS When You Move

The IRS needs to have the correct address for you. You don’t want any mishaps at tax time, so take care of this right away.


In order to comply with DMV requirements, it’s necessary to have your current address on file.

Utilities are Important to Notify When You Move

Changing your address with utility providers is important because if you don’t, you won’t have water, electricity, and internet on moving day. Set your new accounts up to switch over on the morning of moving day or the night before.

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