When Buying a Home, Order a Home Inspection

Purchasing a new home is no small feat. It requires financial preparation and months of research and looking for homes. Once you have finally placed an offer on a house, there are more steps to take before the sale is final. One step that you don’t want to skip is the home inspection. Here are some important reasons to order a home inspection when buying a home.

Learn the True Condition of the House

When touring a home, you can determine whether it meets your family’s needs, but you can’t determine its true condition. Hire a trained and experienced home inspector to examine the home and give you an inspection report with detailed photos and notes. Don’t simply rely on your visual assessment to assume that the home is in good condition.

Don’t Get Caught Off-Guard

When you forgo an inspection, you’re responsible for any problems that arise once you are living in the home. If the HVAC system was on its last legs and broke down within the first month of moving in, you’ll pay a significant amount to replace it. With a home inspection, the inspector would have noted the failing system so that you could address it with the seller before closing the deal.

Order a Home Inspection to Plan for Future Expenses

The inspection report will describe the condition of the home’s components so you’ll have an idea of when they will need replacement. When you know the roof has about 5 years of life left in it, you can start budgeting for a roof replacement. By putting aside a little money every month, you’ll be financially ready to pay for a new roof when the time comes.

Include a Contingency in Your Offer

When drafting your offer, include a home inspection contingency. This clause offers flexibility based on the results of the inspection report. If there is an issue that can’t be resolved between you and the seller, you have the option to legally walk away from the deal. Usually, both parties are willing to negotiate and figure out a solution.

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