A relaxing afternoon by the pool is a wonderful way to spend time with family and friends when the weather is warm. Follow these tips to improve swimming pool safety, prevent accidents, and enjoy a safe summer.

Swimming Pool Safety: Secure Fencing

Local municipalities often require a boundary around the pool. A sturdy, tall fence boosts safety by keeping kids and pets out of the area. Fencing also protects the pool from wildlife who use it as a water source. The fence should be at least five feet tall without gaps that children or animals can squeeze through.

Install a Locked Door or Gate

A secure entrance to the pool will guarantee no unsupervised pets or children enter the area. Install a gate accessible by code, so there are no keys to misplace. Gate alarms, security cameras, and motion detectors are helpful tools to make you aware of anyone entering the pool area. Develop a practice of locking the door or gate each time you leave the pool. 

Maintain Pool Safety by Properly Storing Chemicals

All swimming pools require chemicals to keep them clean, healthy, and clear. The misuse of these chemicals can lead to skin irritation and illness. Secure the pool chemicals in a locked area to prevent children and pets from accessing them. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after handling pool chemicals.

Inspect Drains and Drain Covers

A simple way to maintain pool safety is to inspect your pool’s drains and drain covers. Small children are especially susceptible to the suction of a pool drain. Make sure the covers are undamaged and secure. Anti-entrapment covers and safety release systems help protect against injuries from the pool drain.

Enforce Pool Safety Rules

Establish rules that everyone near the water follows to stay safe. These rules may be slightly different for each backyard pool, but some rules should apply to all.

Don’t allow diving into shallow water or running around the pool’s edge. Children should never enter the area without adult supervision. Make sure your guests and family abide by these safety rules to prevent accidents. Make a sign of the rules and post it in a visible place. 

Implementing simple pool safety methods will help guarantee a safe and fun environment for family, friends, and neighbors.

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